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Accentuating the positives

In general, humans tend to think negatively at least occasionally. However, the problem is that some people do this more often than not. If one often thinks negatively, his or her life can be far from successful. What I suggest is that accentuating the positives is very effective instead of worrying about the negatives. Accentuating the positive includes highlighting what is good in a thing or situation.


Are you familiar at least with one of the following?


  • You always find something awful in almost everything you see

It is your nature to find something very negative. This eventually leads you to expect the worst to happen. You live a panicked life most of the day.

  • You easily take things very personal

You tend to take the responsibility of all the bad things that take place around you and worry about them throughout the day.

  • You expect everything to be perfect all the time

You become really impatient and frustrated when you see mistakes taking place and believe that even the slightest mistakes might lead to a catastrophe.

  • You worry about the past

You always worry about the things you did, things that happened to you and things other people did to you in the past. More importantly, you expect something similar to happen in the future too.

  • You barely notice positives

You search for the negatives in every given occasion no matter how positive things might be at that occasion.


If the answer is yes, you should probably take a look at the below list of instructions and try to see that there is a brighter side to life.




What to Do


Have a list prepared

Every time a past negative experience comes to your mind, you should write it down. You should also write down how you resolved the said situation. Then, be thankful to the mistakes for you have learned a precious lesson; you can then be confident that you won’t commit the same thing again.


Don’t forget to enjoy the small things happening around you

Although you may not notice, plenty of wonders take place around you every day. At the end of each day, sit and think about the small wonders that took place around you. If you take notice of these wonders, the following day, you will be able to see an increased number of such situations.


You can force-stop the thoughts that you don’t want

There is no use of worrying about the past. It is utterly useless. Therefore, as soon as such thought comes to your mind, you need to stop it. Stopping a thought is easier than you think. As soon as you notice a negative thought, you must think of something else which is enjoyable to you. Gradually, this will become a habit, and you will be hardly affected by the negative thoughts.


Besides, one of the best ways to accentuate the positives is to meet and be with people who think positively and enjoys their lives. Their positive thoughts and body languages might influence you significantly; you will start to behave and think like them eventually.

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