9 June 2021

Facing your Goliath; Confronting the problem

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The meaning of facing your Goliath is facing an unexpected, giant challenge. A job loss, business crisis, breakup, serious health issue etc. are examples for Goliaths one might face in his or her lifetime. In addition to that, if you are about to make a crucial decision upon a challenge before you, that can also be considered as a Goliath.

Although the problems might appear to be incredibly difficult and too large to handle by yourself, you can knock them out if you identify the vulnerability. As per the legend, Goliath is meant to be knocked out by David; in this case, you are the David and the problem is Goliath.

How to face Goliath?

First, you need to realize that it is a goliath; it may appear to be large in size, fully armored and invincible; yet, it can be knocked out if you identify its vulnerability. If you start with this positive impression and pump energy with determination to your mind, your plan will surely work.

Identify the vulnerability

Like said before, the goliath you face surely have a vulnerability. Depending on the type of the problem, the vulnerability might vary. For instance, if a competitor took your business, you are the person who knows the exact reason for it. Was it because of poor marketing? Poor financial management? less diversification? Poor market evaluation? Rectify the issue and give a fresh start with more power. You have to be realistic in this case; you cannot expect to recover all the money you lost on your business within a couple of days just because you start fresh. However, it gives you an opportunity to start better and gradually move forward to acquire more in the long run.

Forget what you are not capable of; instead, recall what you are capable of

There will be many people around you to tell you how bad the situation is and discourage you (some people do this unintentionally). What you have to do is to forget what you are not capable of and focus on what you are really good at. Doing something you are really good at will help you to overcome bad situations. For instance, if you have lost you job, you can evaluate your strengths and start something by yourself (even at the small scale).

Confront the Goliath correctly

In the event of a job loss, consider the options you can approach; just because you are trying to confront the goliath, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should gain what you had (which is impossible in most of the occasions). Instead, you can try to find another job, or even start your own business. Let’s put it in this way’ the job you did was a source of income and that is not the only available opportunity for you! Likewise, the case might differ depending on the problem you face.

Besides, you must be wise enough to maintain exceptional presence of mind during this transitional period. Don’t be afraid to think of something you are confident. Be sure to list down your strengths and go through it several times a day; an idea might spark out of nowhere!