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How to make a difference

Do you honestly want to make a difference and see betterment in your life or in the lives of others? Do you wonder if you can really do it? The honest answer is that you CAN do it, by all means! However, if you really want to make a difference, the first thing you should do is to get rid of the clutter in your life and simplify things. Here’s what you can do to start:


Avoid comparing yourself with the others

The biggest mistake people make with the intention of making a difference is comparing ourselves with others (in the wrong way). Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, you should start to compare today’s you with yesterday’s you. Such approach might give you an opportunity to see if you have made a difference for yourself in a better way or not. It is really a useful approach instead of trying to check if you are doing good compared to a stranger. In fact, self-comparison will surely give you a chance to identify the areas you need to make the difference. That is a good beginning, isn’t it?


Do something fresh

Your routine can easily make you bored and stay unchanged of course. You need to break this routine if you expect any difference at all. So, choose to do something new whenever possible; you don’t need to do engage in something really big. Cook a new recipe, play a game of tennis with a new person, learn a new software, etc.; it’s that simple! These simple tasks might gradually bring some change to your life and start pumping some dynamism.


Practice listening

You should be more of a listener than a talker if you want to make a difference. It is true that we live in a fast-paced world and yet we have to listen to the others to achieve the difference you expect. You can consider asking the questions from others and be prepared to listen to their answers instead of thinking about the next question you are about to ask. This approach will make you different from the others, and others will start to hang around you more freely.


Pay attention to what you usually think

What you think gives an impression of what you really feel. You need to observe your thoughts very carefully and analyze your feelings; you must know that your feelings drive your actions. So, be sure to rethink every thought comes to your mind and find out the cause of that thought. If you find the cause, it is easier to find a way to change it (if necessary).  This is a very effective and compulsory method to build self-awareness.


Besides, it is really important that you learn to be happy with what you have at the moment. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your goals; it is about being happy about the current situation and trying to be happier tomorrow. Interestingly, happy thoughts drag more happiness towards you and ensure to develop a sustainable difference within.

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