9 June 2021

Living a Life With Purpose

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Some people tend to think (and try to convince others too) that it is not necessary to have a purpose for one’s life; they just want to live their life as it is and take no notice of anything else. Well, I believe just the opposite, and here’s exactly why your life needs a purpose.

01. A purpose is the beginning of a conscious life

No matter how many tasks you perform every day, if you don’t do them with a purpose, you can be led towards the wrong path and get pushed out of your lane. If your goals don’t have anything to do with your purpose, you will end up in a complex situation in the future. If you try to achieve a goal for the next 10 years and realize that the respective goal doesn’t have anything to do with what you exactly want, it is an utter waste of time. Setting an exact purpose for your entire life will not eliminate all the problems. But, if you have a clear purpose for your life, you can start to set both short and long-term goals and make plans; this way, you can begin to create the life you want.

02. You can differentiate what is important for you

Many people want to make a difference and yet don’t know how to differentiate what is important from what is not. Because of this, people can easily get distracted by so many things and end up living an ordinary or less satisfactory life. However, if you have a clear purpose, you can easily differentiate what is really important to you. For instance, upgrading your car might be more important to you than purchasing a second house or vice versa; if you have a purpose, you will easily identify what is most important.

03. It gives meaning to your life

After determining the purpose of your life, you will start to see clear directions. Everything you do will have meaning and you will hardly go astray. A purposeful life will lead you to find jobs that fit your desire and passion, mingle around with people who are very positive, avoid toxic thoughts and build high self-esteem.

04. It gives you consistency and passion

The energy a meaningful purpose can deliver to your life makes you more consistent in whatever you do. As soon as you realize the purpose of your life, you will start to do what you really enjoy and want to do instead of doing what you used to do. When you do what you like, you are less likely to veer off your chosen path.

The easiest way to find the purpose of your life is to determine what you actually like to do. Don’t try to do what others do; they have their own purposes which might not fit you. Take your time to explore what you want to do and set your purpose based on that. Once you have determined your own purpose, it will not let you down.