Perry Combo

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Services Available


Entrepreneurial Consulting/Coaching

I enable small and medium-sized businesses to make critical business decisions and transition to new levels of success. I have a heart for entrepreneurs and work with them to discover creative solutions to solve difficult problems.

Creative Business Development

Utilizing creative methodologies to pursue strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization. I work with enterprises that have the resources and a blueprint, but lack creativity to move to the next level.

Internet Marketing 2

Internet Marketing

Building unique online systems to help dominate business models in various industries. I use unique online tools and strategies to drive online traffic and business profitability.

Sales Coaching

I can help your sellers and sales teams make breakthroughs and transform results through the power of follow up. This one technique guarantees increased sales traction and therefore, profitability.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Whether speaking to 10s, 100s or 1000s, the goal is to motivate everyone to move forward from one place to another. Through the power of passion, humor, insight, direction, and destiny, I can impact and impart your audience. 

Car Buying Strategies

I will help you avoid being taken advantage of at a car dealership when buying your next vehicle. Let someone else pay their bills. Having worked on the other side of the desk, I can coach you to a sensible and yet fair purchase of your next vehicle. I conduct seminars to teach groups how to handle the second largest investment in your life - car buying!

Car Buying

Creative Teammate

Have an idea but it needs some additional creativity? Have a vision in your head but can't get it out? Let me tag team with you. Together we can bring manifestation to what you are seeing. I will tagteam with you to create that which you only envision right now. I possess a high sensitivity to discover the "yet to be discoverd!"

Virtual Teaching

Born the son of teachers, the art of teaching flows passionately in my blood. I love building online courses and curriculum or conducting instructional webinars to train individuals, groups, or teams. If I'm not sleeping, or learning...I'm teaching.