9 June 2021

Strengthening the Good Instead of the Weaknesses

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Contrary to what is taught in conventional studies, it is always better to focus on perfecting the strengths inside you instead of the weaknesses. If you wish to start perfecting the strengths you already have, the first thing you should do is to identify them.

What are strengths?

In simplest terms, a person’s strengths are the activities he or she performs exceptionally well. When it comes to a broader description, however, our strengths can be described as activities that:

– We love to engage in with no hesitation even if others consider them too challenging

– Make us automatically focus and concentrate so that we easily lose track of time

– Make us feel energized and develop positive feelings within us

– We want to do repeatedly and work at to gain more confidence

What are our weaknesses?

– These are activities that we don’t want to do

– They are the activities that can generate negative feelings from the beginning

– They are activities that make us really exhausted both physically and mentally

Conventional studies demand that we identify our weaknesses and then work to improve them. With this method, we cannot expect wonderful results. Such an approach will not allow you to become the best version of yourself. According to the list we have mentioned above, it is a waste of time if you try to master or improve something you actually don’t want to do. Such an approach will not be successful as you obviously lack the passion and willingness even before you start the process.

What you must do instead is to identify your key strengths and enhance them even better. As a result of strengthening your best qualities, you will be able to perform outstandingly in the selected area instead of becoming a mediocre person. As soon as you start to strengthen what you are already good at, you will start to like yourself, care about your own wellbeing and develop higher self-esteem. You will start the process with confidence, and you hardly have anything to sacrifice. Each minute you spend mastering what you are already good at will be pleasant and joyous for you.

When it comes to an instance like searching for a job that perfectly matches your strengths, you should be prepared to make some sacrifices. Even the luckiest ones may not find a tailor-made job unless they start their own business and work for themselves. So, realistically, you will have to settle for something almost perfect instead of perfection when you are looking for an opportunity. If not, you can consider starting your own company. For instance, if you are an exceptionally talented graphic designer, you can start your own graphic design firm and work from home (online); so is the case with many other professions these days.

So, if you are willing to do yourself a favor, why don’t you start mastering the strengths you already have and forget about worrying about your weaknesses?